Venour SS11 lookbook

Venour SS11 lookbook

Venour SS11 lookbook

Venour surprised me yesterday with their SS11 lookbook. It’s no regular one with cool photos on awesome spots like we see everyday from all other brands.

Not this one. This one is shot in super slo mo! A very nice way of showing off skills and draw some extra attention to the collection.

Curious about the Venour lookbook? See the lookbook in action over here. And when you’re at it, you might want to check out their work. Simply because these Venour guys make some cool and inspiring art.Venour is a creative collective from Rotterdam, Holland. They provide creative and production services.

The creative team of professionals have multi-disciplinary talents in web, art, branding, design, print, motion graphics, Vj-ing, television and film. They use this knowledge in their own work, but also when they create for other progressive companies.

You can find their work at art exhibitions, on the streets, at the office, on your girl(boy)friend’s body, on TV, your doorstep or on your computer…Like now!


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