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Perito Moreno

Patagonia, Argentina. I have been wanting to go here for a very long time so this was an exciting trip. We managed to get our hands on a couple tickets to fly 4.000 km. from Buenos Aires to El Calafate with a short stop in Neuquén. Make sure you got the right window seat because this […]

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Back from the Pampas

Wow, last weekend I got back from a 3-week holiday traveling through Argentina. And man what fun it was. Buenos Aires, Salta, Glacier spotting in Patagonia, Punta del Diablo in Uruguay, and Torres del Paine in Chile. Lots of places were visited, lots of analog photos were taken. I will develop and try to scan […]

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Que Onda Argentina

Finally, the tickets are booked! We are preparing a 3 week trip to Argentina starting on the 30th of December. I’m so looking forward to celebrate new years eve in Buenos Aires. Go all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, encounter one of worlds most fascinating piece of nature, the Perito Moreno glacier. Head […]

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