Photo Bliss no.29

Photo Bliss no.29

Photo Bliss no.29

What’s there to make you happy and smile when days are getting shorter and the sun hides itself behind thick packs of dark clouds. Most definitely not the weather. But it might be this new Photo Bliss set which is packed with the a fine selection of stunning photography which I found on Tumblr.

Clicking on the image brings you to my own Tumblr from where you’ll find the source of the photos.

Have a nice day and a great week! Photo Bliss no.29 helps you with it.

Vintage skateboard

Girl portrait

Clouds on Tumblr

Kissing couple on Tumblr


People photography

Fashion wardrobe photography on Tumblr

Tumblr photography

Tumblr photography


Interior design


fashion photography

Interior design

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