Make something

Make something

Make something

I have this thing for people putting their passion into crafting things. Whether it’s making bread, chocolate or managing your own lunchroom with own grown healthy ingredients. You see the dedication. And it’s not just the crafting part, it’s also the whole documenting thing which makes it work. Crafting is one thing, the ability to shoot it perfectly is another. Those two together working as one brings these jaw dropping results.

Over the weeks I watched a couple shorts about some of them. Luckily for me, Lenneke posted them all on A Little Hamster so I don’t have to make a collage of pictures myself. Since she is putting them on my Flickr account I guess I can use them. Thanks dear : )

These shorts are a must-see to start an inspiring new day. Presenting Veggie Island / Rockaway Taco, Tartine Bakery and The Mast brothers. It certainly makes you appreciate people making something. It encourages you creating something yourself. At the moment, I’m trying to shoot some nice pictures with my old Leica. And there will be another thing which should be evolving in the coming months which I’m pretty excited about. More on that matter in 2011. For now… enjoy!

Veggie Island and Rockaway Taco in Queens, New York


Tartine Bakery in San Fransisco


The Mast Brothers in Brooklyn, New York


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