Let’s start an analog photo collective

Let’s start an analog photo collective

Let’s start an analog photo collective

Ok, so some of you might have heard something about an low profile analog photo collective. For those who haven’t. A couple weeks ago I was staring at my Leica and figured that I’m giving him way too much time off. So I guess I needed a reason to get out more often and shoot some film. A quick look at my friends showed me that they are dealing with the same issues. All these lovely analog cameras are getting covered with dust where they should be catching some sun and fresh air.

So I figured out to start up a low profile analog photo collective here in Rotterdam. So I started telling people via Twitter and Facebook about which resulted in very nice response. At the moment over 10 people have signed up to let them know when things are getting started. Awesome right?

I was quite overwhelmed and figured that we needed a program since I haven’t thought about that part at first. After doing some thinking about it, it became clear and I have some cool ideas now. Which wasn’t easy because analog photography has a lot of aspects. There will be people with different types of cameras, interests, approach to photography, styles etc. I’ll try to please everyone with various elements. It’s one thing we all have in common, the love for film. All these different styles will make this analog photo collective fun.

The main idea: Shoot more film, meet new people and learn to shoot better photos.

More info can be found over here (it’s in Dutch though). Contact me if you would like to get involved.

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