Glimpse by Kalle Carranza

Glimpse by Kalle Carranza

Glimpse by Kalle Carranza

Finally, a new Glimpse is here. Surfer Kalle Carranza from Finland was kind enough to document a week of his life for the Cloud Cuckoo x Lomography Netherlands Glimpse Series project.

Kalle Carranza was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Son to a Mexican father and a Finnish mother he grew up in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coastline. Kalle became a professional surfer at the age of 19 and traveled the world surfing for 10 years. Won Mexican Nationals, was voted as one of the top 100 young surfers in the world by U.S. magazine Surfer Magazine, and was featured in numerous enditorial content in dozens of magazines around the world.

He managed to get 9 international magazine covers before retiring and moving to Finland to study. Now he is one year from graduating as a Business Bachelor and works for Finnish clothing company Makia ( He still surfs whenever possible and occupies his time with other sports, shooting photos, reading and learning languages.

The Glimpse

The first photo in the post showes this classic coffee truck. An older man from Iran I think had been battling for years to get his coffee car in the center of Helsinki, but the authorities hadn’t granted him permission. He finally got it and put it on one of the busiest corners in the center of town on Mannerheim Street.

Me on the left, Jesse Hyväri (Makia Clothing lead designer), Heppu Pentti (Ex-pro snowboarder, all around classic dude). We were working and decided to take a little break out in our patio because the sun was shining and it was nice and warm out.

A nice coffee place that I walk by everyday on my way to work.

These seagulls were feasting on the remains of a plate of french fries. I managed to get close enough to shoot it and get a good pic. I had to be super close cause the Lomo cam was a fisheye.

Bike & sunset. At the Makia offices as I was walking back home there was an amazing sunset and my friend Mika’s bike (which he himself put together) was alone in the bike rack.

My girlie and I. For a few weeks there was a French Market in the center of Helsinki. Crepes, olives, cheeses, baguettes, etc. All classic French cuisine with French people running the place.

In honor of the first warm day (+15) I went out by our house, laid down, took my shoes off and enjoyed the sun.

I had to take a pic of the “hiirenkorvia” or ” mouse ears” as they call in Finnish the new small leaves on trees after Winter has passed and the snow has melted.

My girlie with an amazing feta, rucola, tomato pizza.

The shipyard at work.

My girlie and I went to spend the day at the beach.

The tram. Public transport in Finland is the best!

I hooked Kalle up with a Lomography Redscale 100 film. He used a fisheye camera which he borrowed from a friend to shoot his Glimpse.


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